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    Chorizo Villarreal was founded on quality. They use only the best quality meat for their products and created a revolutionary method of packaging the products for their preservation, ensuring optimal taste and freshness.

    "Trying to satisfy one of the needs of the market, we tried to our best efforts in providing the most delicious and pure products there is. We want to ensure fresh quality meats like those eaten in the time of our grand fathers. Our foods have hand selected natural ingrediants to ensure the best of quality. The company was born 1994 with the first product "Chorizo de Puerco", which is ground beaf mixed with spices. We found that the traditional way to pack the "chorizo" was horribly infectious and ineffective. We started out own research to find the best possible manner of packaging meat with the least amount of bacteria possible. We found the solution and that makes us unique in packaging and cleaness. We are pioneers of modern packaging for chorizo. Many companies have now tried to imitate us, but we are still the authentic first, and the best."